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Repair My Project one-stop shop

The goal of the Repair My Project shop is to provide

innovative, transdisciplinary, free support

in current projects. 

This support enables the creation of

practical, project-based strategies,

and help your project to get back on track. 

If you don't want to abandon your project and

before you invest an enormous amount of time and energy in it –

come to the Repair My Project shop

and get it repaired!

The advice in the Repair My Project shop is

free of charge.

The more precisely you describe the situation of your project,

the problem and your questions in this regard,

the higher the probability to get a

practical and immediately applicable solution

for your project in the shop. 

Free help with difficult projects

Even if you just need fresh ideas and more inspiration

for your project -

the Repair My Project shop is The Place To Be!

No costs


No contract

Click the hammer button and make an appointment.

When making an appointment: please use your best email address,

hence we can clarify any questions and details in advance.   

Maria Hohenauer

Over the past 20 years, I have gained profound experience in projects from a wide range of areas and with different levels of complexity.

I want to pass on this knowledge and skills as easily as possible.

I learn more every day and with every further project and I would be happy to learn something new from you and with you.


See you soon in the Repair My Project shop!

Mag. Maria Hohenauer

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