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My Project Manual Notebook Black English

My Project Manual: An easy & practical project management tool for hobby project managers


"My Project Manual" is a practical tool for planning and executing small to medium-sized projects. It is particularly suitable for private projects, school projects, leisure projects as well as projects of clubs and small organizations.
The manual covers the entire project – from the idea to the completion. It does not require any previous knowledge of project management.

The project manual contains of the idea, budget, scheduling, progress measurement and completion of the project. Hence it creates a clear and comprehensive overview for the entire duration of the project:

  • important details will be not overlooked
  • goals are defined more precisely and clearly
  • dates and deadlines will be not overlooked
  • the risk of budget overrun is minimized
  • changes in the project can be detected immediately
  • at the end of the project a retrospective will be carried out
  • The manual consists of three parts (preparation, planning, implementation) and contains numerous explanations for the optimal use of all components. However, not all manual parts have to be used for every project - depending on the project, certain sections can be omitted or only partially used.

    Many recommendations and professional tips are included - these can, but do not have to be considered. The manual can be used optimally without them too.

    This handy tool was created by a senior project manager based on years of professional experience and is designed to support all hobby project managers in projects of all kinds. The manual contains the official methodology of the classic project management but has been implemented in a simplified form only. It contains little theory and no technical terms – so it can be used by people of almost any age.

My Project Manual Notebook Black English

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