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Create your own project manual Kindle

Create your own project manual: A short & Simple instructions for hobby project managers of all ages Kindle edition


Do you often feel disorganized and overwhelmed in projects? Do you have difficulty keeping track of tasks, appointments and resources? If yes, then this eBook is the solution you have been looking for!

This eBook is a practical tool that will help you plan and execute small to medium-sized projects with ease. It includes documentation of the entire project life cycle from idea to completion and does not require any prior knowledge of project management.

With this simple project guide you can:

  • Collect and organize all your thoughts, ideas and notes in one place
  • Prepare and plan your project in a structured manner
  • Improve communication about and within the project
  • Make progress measurement easier and more accurate
  • Improve your project management skills
  • The project manual is suitable for private projects, school projects, leisure projects and projects from clubs and small organizations. It's a must-have for anyone who wants to stay organized and on track with their projects. Read it today and start using it soon!

    If you like the eBook, you can also use the additional notebook "My Project Manual". It is available on in different styles and colors.

    Even if you're not a professional project manager, that doesn't mean your projects can't be handled like a professional! This eBook and the notebook "My Project Manual" make it easy - try it out and see what difference it can make for you.

Create your own project manual Kindle

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